Mother and Child

2010 | 125 min. minutes | Rated R

There's no shortage of racism and sexism in much of what Hollywood squeezes out, but it usually seems more lazy than malicious: kung fu-fighting Asian sidekicks, boy-addled blondes. Mother and Child distinguishes itself in that its bias is systemic, propelling all the plot's moving parts. This is a movie about the singular experience of motherhood, and the bond between mother and child. Its myopic view of that relationship, and its insistence that disaster results when that bond is severed, gives Mother and Child a staggeringly, offensively narrow view of the ways that women can define "family."


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Film Credits
Rodrigo GarcĂ­a
Samuel L. Jackson, Naomi Watts, Kerry Washington, David Morse, Annette Bening, Amy Brenneman, Tatyana Ali, Carla Gallo, Jimmy Smits