Night of the Demons (1988)

1988 | 90 minutes

VHS was the means by which many a trash classic was made in the ’80s. Films that theaters seemed ashamed to screen would enjoy a second life on video store shelves, their garish, tasteless covers beckoning to pubescent thrill-seekers. 1988’s Night of the Demons is one of the best examples of that phenomenon—its box featured a prom queen from hell, red-eyed and leering, warning that this film was too scary for Freddy and Jason! For its 30th anniversary, the Hollywood has unearthed a 35mm print and invited its star, horror icon Linnea Quigley, to answer questions from a crowd packed full of people formatively scarred by its foul mouth (this film taught 11-year-old me “fuck” could be placed into bowls and eaten, which was a mindblowing approach to profanity at that age) its ample gore, and its still-somewhat-transgressive feel. Yeah, it’s basically just an Evil Dead riff, but a good one, maintaining a delicate balance between cheese and “Jesus Christ that is fucked up” for 90 minutes.


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Film Credits
Kevin S. Tenney
Linnea Quigley, Cathy Podewell, Billy Gallo, Hal Havins, Amelia Kinkade