Can't Hardly Wait

Rated PG-13

The ’90s were bewildering. There seemed to be no real reasoning behind why things got popular, shit just... happened! Hypercolor shirts? Sure! Big Bad Voodoo Daddy? So money, baby! JNCO jeans, Space Jam, Kazaam... if the ’90s had a thesis, it was “fuck it.” And as the ’90s began its shrugging, neon-and-flannel drenched sunset, what (amazingly) poked its head over the horizon was a teen comedy renaissance. After John Hughes abandoned his kingdom for shitty kids flicks, ’90s teen movies were more like Menace II Society and The Doom Generation than Some Kind of Wonderful. And into that vacuum stepped some of the genre’s best entries: Clueless, 10 Things I Hate About You, American Pie, and this film, the closest the ’90s ever got to having its own American Graffiti. It’s not the best of this graduating class, but possibly the most likable, due to its cast (arguably the decade’s best teen ensemble next to Dazed and Confused) its pacing, and its good-natured twist on that ’90s thesis: When this movie says “fuck it,” it actually feels good to go along with it.


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