Neil Young Trunk Show


2010 | 82 min. minutes | Rated NR

Yes, Neil Young is old, and does nothing to appear otherwise. His band seems even older; you half expect them to keel over mid-song, or for the onstage instruments to fall and vanish into their cavernous wrinkles. Young plays plenty of new tunes, none of which are anything spectacular, but director Jonathan Demme sure doesn't shy away from including them. "No Hidden Path" goes on for longer than 20 minutes (one-quarter of the film's running time), and I am certain I am not the first to say it's no "Cortez the Killer." The movie also includes fan bait in the form of old, unreleased tunes: The excellent "Sad Movies," dating from the mid-'70s, opens the movie, but solo renditions of "Kansas" and "Mexico" are pretty dismal. Still, when Young's on, he's on, and there are few musical pleasures that can top him airing out the little-played "Harvest" or translating the Crazy Horse barnstormer "Cowgirl in the Sand" to weeping acoustic guitar.


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Film Credits
Jonathan Demme
Neil Young