Stan & Ollie

2019 | 97 minutes | Rated PG

Stan & Ollie seeks to bring the comedy duo back into the spotlight, at least for a bit, and to that end, it's got one major coup: Great casting, with John C. Reilly as Oliver Hardy and Steve Coogan as Stan Laurel. Coogan gives the clever Laurel a soft melancholy, just behind the eyes; Reilly's affable Hardy finds grace and heart even as he bumbles around with clumsy slapstick. And... that's about it, because the rest of Stan & Ollie is shallow and slapdash, digging into little of the character, history, and insights that, in a story like this one, would seem to be readily available.


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Film Credits
Jon Baird
Steve Coogan, John Reilly, Shirley Henderson, Nina Arianda, Rufus Jones, Danny Huston, Susy Kane, Ella Kenion, Harry Hepple, Bentley Kalu, Roger Ringrose