Grindhouse Film Festival: Lady Terminator

The latest installment of the Hollywood Theatre's monthly exultation of exploitation cinema shares this extremely rare 35mm print of 1988's Lady Terminator, an Indonesian "mockbuster" (that's what Asylum movies were called before Asylum existed) that isn't even really a ripoff of the 1984 James Cameron low-budget masterpiece. Sure, there's a scene in a nightclub, and a scene in a police station, but the story (succinctly described by the VHS cover's tagline "She mates... then she terminates") involves an ancient sex goddess with a penis-eating snake-monster that lives in her nethers, an anthropologist whose studies are interrupted via reptilio-sexual possession by said goddess, and a pop star named Erica who is the key to everything. Prolonged exposure to this movie is known to promote mullet growth.

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