2011 | 104 min. minutes | Rated R

Oliver (Ewan McGregor) is approaching middle age, has no idea how to maintain a romantic relationship, and is reeling from the recent death of his father, Hal (Christopher Plummer), who came out of the closet only four years before dying of cancer at age 74. Writer/director Mike Mills (Thumbsucker) based the insightful, funny, and moving Beginners on his experiences with his own father, and a personal sense of discovery pervades the film. Mills refrains from drawing any direct cause-and-effect correlations between Oliver's girl troubles and his parents' troubled relationship--there's no blame or judgment, only an honest search for understanding.


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Film Credits
Mike Mills
Ewan McGregor, Mélanie Laurent, Christopher Plummer, Goran Visnjic, Bill Oberst Jr., Mary Page Keller, China Shavers, Kai Lennox, Jodi Long, Catherine McGoohan