2010 | 114 min. minutes | Rated NR

Dark, scary, and twisted, Heartless is a horror film in violence and name, but what British director Philip Ridley doesn't do is follow the standard path to B-movie genre flick. There are U-turns and serpentine twists in this psychological roadmap of young East Londoner Jamie's (Jim Sturgess) despair over the large, red, heart-shaped birthmark on his face. Heartless does a lot right (demonic screeching! Molotov cocktail throwing!), but there's also a lot of muddle. If, like your favorite sweater, you can overlook how it's overstretched and full of holes, then Heartless succeeds.


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Film Credits
Philip Ridley
Timothy Spall, Jim Sturgess, Clémence Poésy, Eddie Marsan, Noel Clarke, Luke Treadaway, Joseph Mawle, Ruth Sheen, Bhasker Patel, Nicholas Tennant