The Life Before Her Eyes

90 min. minutes | Rated R

The Life Before Her Eyes kind of spoils its own plot twist with its title. Nonetheless, it soldiers on to tell the tale of Diana, a rebellious teen living in an idyllic Connecticut university town. When a student at her school goes postal, Columbine style, Diana finds herself in the bathroom with her best friend and the shooter, who taunts them over which of the two girls he's going to shoot. The film toggles between Diana as a teen (Evan Rachel Wood) and as an adult 15 years later (Uma Thurman), on the anniversary of the event, and the whole thing's a puffy, overblown fuss--more convinced than convincing of its weight.


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Film Credits
Vadim Perelman
Uma Thurman, Evan Rachel Wood, Eva Amurri, Brett Cullen, James Urbaniak, Oscar Isaac, Nathalie Paulding, Peter Conboy, Sonny Vellozzi, Brett Epstein