Grindhouse Film Festival: Silent Night, Deadly Night

It’s time for the Hollywood’s annual screening of the 1984 grindhouse flick Silent Night, Deadly Night. It’s no Black Christmas, but 1984’s inevitable Santa-turns-slasher bloodbath has a few likeable qualities nonetheless: You’ve got your sex with nuns, you’ve got a multitude of arbitrary victims introduced and subsequently murdered in roughly one half of one scene, not to mention a smattering of increasingly ludicrous Christmas songs that all seem to be composed specifically for the movie. On the downside, you’ve got the needlessly expository first two-thirds of the movie, plus perhaps the least convincing horror villain of all time: a dashing, doe-eyed WASP-y dude in a Santa suit whose creepy one liners alternate between the equally un-scary “Puuunish!” and “Naaaw-tee!”—delivered in a nearly unintelligible monotone.


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