Kung Fu Theater: Snake in the Eagle's Shadow

This month’s installment in Dan Halsted’s ongoing celebration of all things whoop-ass is a very rare 35mm print of the Jackie Chan classic Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow. Don’t go in expecting the ridiculous action-comedy frenzy of Drunken Master II or Project A, or you’re probably going to be a little nonplussed by the straightforward “master teaches student how to take out the rogue clan” story. This is a slower film than the average Chan fan might expect, but director/master Yuen Woo Ping still brings the goods from a choreography standpoint, and 1978-vintage Jackie is pretty goddamned impressive. And if you need a little outlandishness to go with your action, there is a kung fu Jesus in the mix. Catch the birth of a kung fu legend in 35mm while you can!


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