Re-run Theater: 1989 - The Year in Videos

Every now and again, Re-run Theater takes a break from its classic television necromancy and turns its resurrective powers to the glory days of MTV. This installment travels exactly 30 years back in time to 1989, when Madonna burned crosses and fondled Black Jesus while slanging Pepsi to the masses; when Paula Abdul ceased being just Janet Jackson's choreographer and became the kind of megastar who could dance with an animated rapping cat and not kill her whole career instantly; Living Colour was all about that cult of personality, Tom Petty wouldn't back down; Guns 'n' Roses went down to the Paradise City while Billy Joel read a burning encyclopedia in 4/4 time. 1989 wasn't anywhere near as weird as the '90s would prove to be ("Batdance" not withstanding) but tonight helps trace the steps towards that Hypercolor madness.


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