Dawn of the Dead (1978)

The Hollywood pays tribute to one of the most impactful voices in filmmaking, George Romero, with a screening of what is widely considered his masterpiece, 1978’s Dawn of the Dead. Some might think it a little over-the-top to ascribe such an important place in film history to “that zombie guy with the big glasses,” but looking through those glasses makes it that much easier to see his contributions to pop culture, and how lasting and powerful they’ve become. As much as any socially-conscious documentarian, Romero’s zombie films shine a harsh spotlight on our worst impulses and instincts. Monsters as allegory for modern society wasn’t a concept invented by Romero, but his execution was so potent that it is now the standard. Dawn of the Dead is still the stick by which every like-minded entry is measured—and by which every like-minded entry falls short.


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