Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

90 min. minutes | Rated PG

Intellectual bankruptcy is the defining characteristic of the intelligent design propaganda film Expelled. Former Nixon speechwriter Ben Stein flits around the country collecting risibly anecdotal evidence of a conspiracy to choke academic freedom (apparently, tenure-track professors have an inalienable right to spend their time writing intelligent design textbooks instead of peer-reviewed journal articles), but he never bothers to define his terms. You won't learn the definition of intelligent design from this movie, much less anything about the theory of evolution by means of natural selection. Instead, you'll be told that scientists are all vehement atheists--not a single agnostic or religious person who accepts the theory of natural selection appears in the film. Meanwhile, clumsy montages of archival film clips will try to convince you that the science departments of research universities are like the Soviet Union, East Germany, and Communist China all rolled up in one ivory tower. And, most memorably, you'll be warned that accepting Darwin's theory of natural selection is a slippery slope that will soon have you espousing eugenics, embracing racial purity and genocide, and sieg-heiling Hitler himself.


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Film Credits
Nathan Frankowski
Ben Stein, Jason Collett