Sleepwalk With Me


2012 | 90 minutes | Rated PG-13

Turn on NPR and you'll hear an example: "Real people" telling "true stories" are everywhere these days. Stand-up comedian Mike Birbiglia is a real person who has a true story about his career in comedy, ending a relationship, and a sleep disorder, and he's gotten pretty good at telling it: First in a one-man show, then a book, and now the gently endearing film Sleepwalk with Me, co-written with storytelling high priest Ira Glass. Describing a story as "true" suggests there's only one way to tell it, but if this mild little comedy has a moral, it's this: Even a true story is changed in the telling. The best we can do is to tell our stories honestly and well.


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Film Credits
Mike Birbiglia
Lauren Ambrose, Mike Birbiglia, Hannibal Burress, Wyatt Cenac, William Dement, Lucy DeVito, Sondra James, Carol Kane, Alex Karpovsky, Emily Meade, James Rebhorn, Kristen Schaal, Marc Maron, Loudon Wainwright III, John Lutz