Stand by Me


89 min. minutes | Rated R

I never understood why Oregonians built an entire cottage industry around worshipping the annoyingly shrill and hyperactive ’80s “classic” The Goonies when just one year after that cloying mess of a film opened, Stand by Me was released­—a smaller-scale Oregon adventure with a much better story, starring much better actors, playing much deeper characters, striking emotional notes much more varied than Goonies’ two-tone dirge of “AAAAAH” and “EWWWWW!” But if I had to guess why Stand by Me—despite being a better film than The Goonies in every measurable aspect—doesn’t have annual festivals in its name, it’s probably because Lard-Ass hosting tours of the barf-o-rama tent and the watering hole where Wil Wheaton had leeches stuck to his balls doesn’t make for a great tourist trap.


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Film Credits
Rob Reiner
River Phoenix, Corey Feldman, Jerry O'Connell, Wil Wheaton, Kiefer Sutherland