Savage Grace

2007 | 97 minutes minutes

Because Savage Grace is a film based on a true story, and as such its plot is a matter of public record, I have no qualms about revealing that it's about a mentally unstable socialite (Julianne Moore) who responds to her husband's infidelity by initiating a sexual relationship with her gay son Tony (Eddie Redmayne). Then one day the gay son stabs her, then he orders some Chinese food and eats it by her corpse, and that's how you know he's a sociopath. Grace takes an arthouse approach to tabloid material--in other words, it revels in being both sordid and abstruse. The mom-on-son scenes are filmed all Flowers in the Attic-style--kinda creepy, but kinda sexy, too. (If boning your relatives were actually this hot, more people would be doing it.) But artsy pretensions and pulpy storytelling aside, there seems to be a bigger issue here: Someone, somewhere, seriously misunderstood the term "MILF."


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Film Credits
Tom Kalin