The Dead Zone

David Cronenberg's creepy-as-hell 1983 adaptation of Stephen King's bestselling thriller was one of the few bright spots in film that year, featuring the most sensitive, nuanced, and disarming performance in Christopher Walken's long career. Don't worry, all his patented tics and quirks are still present and will elicit a chuckle or two as you're watching from the comfort of 2016, but hold onto those brief moments of fun, because comfort will leave you, and joy will fade quickly, once you start to recognize a certain Cheeto-hued presidential candidate hiding within Martin Sheen's performance, and then? Oh, then the dread and the helplessness will creep in, squeezing your chest in its cold fists, as you realize King saw this coming over 30 years ago and there are no psychic Walkens around to stop it.


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