Straw Dogs

2011 | 105 min. minutes | Rated R

This remade Straw Dogs is actually a decent movie, it's just wholly unnecessary. Director Rod Lurie, best known for political fare like The Contender, has crafted a strict cover version of Sam Peckinpah's more provocative masterpiece. He's aiming for Faulknerian hothouse drama, shooting the picture like it's Scorsese's Cape Fear because, well, Scorsese got away with remaking a famous movie, so he clearly knows something. The problem is, Lurie wants to deal in moral ambiguities, but his stock-in-trade is absolutes.


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Film Credits
Rod Lurie
Alexander Skarsgaard, James Marsden, Kate Bosworth, Dominic Purcell, James Woods, Willa Holland, Laz Alonso, Walton Goggins, Rhys Coiro, Anson Mount