It Came From Outer Space

Jack Arnold's 1953 sci-fi classic (based on an original story by Ray Bradbury) was one of the most innovative films in the genre's early days, thanks to the restrained way it deploys what should have been a parade of cheap gimmicks. There's 3D here, but it's not constantly trying to poke you in the eye. The aliens aren't slobbering monsters hell-bent on murderous invasion, but benign creatures whose presence reveals what skittish, fearful, destructive animals humans are. The premise is outlandish, but It Came From Outer Space still works, 65 years later, because it's thoughtful and careful about everything it does, as opposed to now, when most sci-fi films are content to be loud and stupid. Actor Kathleen Hughes in attendance. Part of the Hollywood Theatre's Feminist March film series.


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