SPIN SPIDER SPIN: He's the electronic music director at KPSU, and he's got a "future jazz jive" radio show on which he spins Detroit techno, Afro-Cuban house, Latin jazz, downtempo, hip-hop, and more (Mondays 5-7 pm).

Do you have a mission statement for your show?

"I want the show to be an alternative to the hyped-up, boring electronic music scene. Corporations are stepping in and trying to put money in [radio stations'] pockets. I'm trying to cut through the hype and play good music. I'm also trying to draw comparisons with seemingly different music, like show the parallels between jazz and high-quality techno."

So, what is the parallel between jazz and techno?

"I think that lots of tech and house that I play have a lot of subtle elements that play on each other with lots of dynamics and sounds, as opposed to rock or aggressive, in-your-face techno. That's like a barrage of noise, with no soul or spirit or subtlety to it."

Why can't I get KPSU at my house in NE?

"That's a common question. The number one thing is you have to have an AM antenna; then you can get it anywhere."


--P'taah, Compressed Light (Ubiquity)

--Moodorama, Music for Collapsing People (Stereo Deluxe)

--Mark Grant, Jazzy Sum'n (Cyclo)

--Space Drummers, Our Time (Afro Art)

--Pole, 3 (Matador)