52nd Ave Sports Bar-Maria Webster & Friends

Arnada Cafe-Canoofle

Artichoke Music-Mike Morgan & Ira McDonald

Ash Street-Peter Wilde Band, I Can Lick Any Son of a Bitch in the House, The Paul Summers Band, Spigot

Berbati's Pan-North Mississippi All-Stars, Acetone, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Billy Reed's-The Riot Trio

Bitter End-Terry Robb

Blinn's Boathouse-Various Piano Acts

Blue Note-Saxophobia

Buffalo Gap-Soulspin

Candlelight Cafe and Bar-Norman Sylvester

Cascade Bar & Grill-No Evil Star

Cornelius Pass Roadhouse-West By God

Dante's-Soul Kitchen starring Black Angel

Fernando's Hideaway-Toshi Onizuka

Gemini Bar -Earthtones

Good Foot-Pete Krebs, Lloyd Kennedy

Henry Ford's-Lyle Chaffee

Hoppers Blues Bar-Boyd Martin Blues Jam w/Lee Blake

Jazz De Opus-Armonica

Jimmy Mak's-The Mel Brown Quintet

Kells-Cronin St. James Gate

Kennedy School-The Rascos

Laurelthirst-Agamus, National Anthem; Velvida Underground (6 pm)

Grand Lodge-Miles Ahead

* Medicine Hat-Distance Formula, Holy Ghost, Nudge

* Meow Meow-Boycrazy CD Release, VI Foot Sloth, Katy Davidson, Kissing Book

Mt Tabor Pub-Jackstraw; Sugar Beat

Paragon Restaurant-Sweetjuice

PPAA-Sean Tyrell & Tommy Peoples

PSU, Lincoln Hall-Portland Guitar Festival:Scott Tennant

Rabbit Hole & Mad Hatter-Open Mic; Catfish (6-8)

Rock Creek Tavern-Jon Koonce

Roseland-Ozomatli, guests

Sam Bond's Garage (Eugene)-Danny Barnes

Satyricon-London Pillbox, Tea, My Regrets

Seges-Caribbean Night

Snake & Weasel-Robert Hoyt

* St. Johns Pub-Dan Bern, Deborah Pardes

Tabor Acoustic Room-Christine Young, James Carbaugh

Tillicum Pub-Lloyd Jones

Tonic Lounge-SK and the Punkass Bitches, The Regulars, 8 Ft Tender, Killingsworth

Touchstone Cafe-Open Mic with Hope Suggit

Twilight Cafe & Bar-Greater Than Five

White Eagle Saloon-Ezra Holbrook's TBA All Stars: The Decemberists, Here Comes Everybody


Aladdin Theater-Kelly Joe Phelps

Arnada Cafe-Fenwick, Kung Fu Janitors, Boom Crickets

Ash Street-Cow Trippers, Freighttrain Casanova CD Release, Fonda 5-0

Berbati's Pan-Zony Mash, Reggie Watts

Billy Reed's-Alfredo Muro & Nancy Curtain; Grooveyard (the Side Room)

Bitter End-Earthtones

Blinn's Boathouse-Daryl Kaufmann

Blue Note-Bill Beach Quartet, Ron Steen, Phil Baker

Boons Treasury-Eclectic Coconuts

Borders-Beaverton-Sammuson & Tomassi (7 pm)

Broadway Saloon-Lindsy Scott

Buffalo Gap-Pale Green Pants

Candlelight Cafe and Bar-Jim Mesi

Cascade Bar & Grill-Too Slim and the Taildraggers

* Cobalt Lounge-Caustic Resin, Honky, Black Kali Ma, The Droo Church

Corner Saloon-Wolfgang

Crystal Ballroom-The Retros

* Dante's-Benefit for Danzine w/ Omnimom, Sugar Pussy

Ethos, Inc-The Badger Kings, Valhere, Allstar Fidelity

Fernando's Hideaway-Toshi Onizuka

Gemini Bar -Jon Koonce & the Gas Hogs

Henry Ford's-Lyle Chaffee

Hoppers Blues Bar-Robbie Laws Band

In Other Words-Amy Martin (7:30 pm)

Jazz De Opus-Johnny Martin Quartet

Jimmy Mak's-Derek Sims Quintet

John Henry's (Eugene)-Sourpuss; Murmur; West By God

Kells-Cronin St. James Gate

Kelly's Olympian-Russ Finley

* Laurelthirst-Benefit for Nichole Bourcier starring Tree Frog All-Stars, Funk Shui, Plumbob, the John Henry Band

Medicine Hat-10-4 Backdoor, Right On, The Bedpans, Mood Swings

* Meow Meow-The Minders, The Gossip, guests

Mt Tabor Pub-Houseman from Galactic, Ashbury Park

Music Millennium NW-The Droo Church (5 pm)

O'Connor's Yamhill Market-Quinella; Adam & Ty

* Ohm-CNSE, Revolution Void, Mixtress

Paris Theatre-Hyperstar, Rexsole, Zealous

Pine Street Theatre-Jolly Mon, Craving Theo

Produce Row Cafe -Spit Boys

PSU, Lincoln Hall-Portland Guitar Festival:Hamilton Cheifietz & Bryan Johanson

Rabbit Hole & Mad Hatter -Dryer; Petty Cash (6-8)

Rock Creek Tavern-Chuch & Dave Show

Roseland-Jazz is Dead

Tabor Acoustic Room-Fez Fatale, Big E Shweiderman

Tillicum Pub-Rev Gary Small & the Deacons

Tonic Lounge-Ex-Angels, Water

Touchstone Cafe-Ajay

* Trianon-Shoehorn quartet performance

Twilight Cafe & Bar-Red Madder

White Eagle Saloon-Buds of May

Wilf's Restaurant & Piano Bar-John Gilmore


Aladdin Theater-Willamette Delta Showcase

Arnada Cafe-2cent Solution, Fat Luv, Guests

Artichoke Music-Pan Dulce, Sweet Thunder

Ash Street-the American Girls, Jonah, Big Time Pop

Berbati's Pan-Stephen Malkmus, The Swords Project

Beulahland-La Voodoo Kiss, Captain Kidd (free)

Bitter End-Liquid Amber

Blinn's Boathouse-Daryl Kaufmann

Blue Note-Snuffleupagus

Boons Treasury-Mark McKinny Quartet

Borders Books & Music-Lynn Francis Anderson (2 pm)

Borders-Beaverton-Rene Corbin (7 pm)

Buffalo Gap-Jon Koonce Honky Tonk Trio

Candlelight Cafe and Bar-Jim Mesi

Cascade Bar & Grill-Bugs Henderson

Central Library-Skip vonKuske Quartet (1 pm, free)

Cobalt Lounge-Sourpuss, Kara Stover, Honey Ryder

Corner Saloon-Wolfgang

Crystal-Lee "Scratch" Perry & the Mad Professor Band, Jah Warrior Sound System featuring Rocker Tee

Dante's-Camaro Hair, Bella Fayes

Ethos, Inc-Jaycob Van Auken, Alison Violette, I Am

Gemini Bar -Linda Hornbuckle

* Good Foot-Pan Tourismos, Holy Sons, guests

Henry Ford's-Lyle Chaffee

Hoppers Blues Bar-Robbie Laws Band

It's a Beautiful Pizza-Jeff Ambrose

Jazz De Opus-Flatlands

Jimmy Mak's-Thara Memory's Super Band

John Henry's (Eugene)-Courtesy Clerks; Swearing At Motorists; Parker Paul

Kells-Cronin St. James Gate, Kells Irish Pipe Band

Laurelthirst-Danny Barnes; James Low (6-8pm)

Medicine Hat-Minmae, Mentat de Malduit, Celestville

Mt Tabor Pub-Giant People, OAB Funk Band

O'Connor's-Chez Stadium; Randal Payton

Paris Theatre-Know It All, Don't Look Back, No Thanks To You, Not Long After

Produce Row Cafe -Jim Boyer Trio

PSU, Lincoln Hall-Portland Guitar Festival

Rabbit Hole & Mad Hatter -Funk Shui; IIank Plank & The 2X4's (6-8)

* Reed-Portland Symphonic Choir presents Anti-War Works

Rock Creek Tavern-Wildseed

Roseland-Pat McGee Band

Salty's on the Colombia-pianist Andrea Kitaev

Sam Bond's Garage (Eugene)-Accordians Anonymous

Satyricon-The Nearly Deads, The A-Frames, The Adhesives

Schnitzer-Christopher Parkening plays Rodrigo (7:30 pm)

Canyon Grill-Dan Gildea Duo

Tabor Acoustic Room-Redwood Highway

Tillicum Pub-Rev Gary Small & the Deacons

Tonic Lounge-Cage9, Hyper Static Union, The Carolines

Touchstone Cafe-Steve Michael

Twilight Cafe & Bar-Buddha Beatnik

White Eagle Saloon-The Flapjacks


Ash Street-Valhere, Blame it on John

* Berbati's Pan-Brassy, Idlewild, Kleveland

Billy Reed's-Albina Jazz Ensemble, No Compromise, B3 Organ Trio

Boons Treasury-Jazz Jam

* Borders Books & Music-Rene Corbin (2 pm)

Buffalo Gap-Melody Guy Trio

Candlelight Cafe and Bar-Monti Amundson

Cascade Bar & Grill-Finger Likkin Good

* Crystal-Steve Earle & the Dukes, Stacy Earle

Dante's-Sinferno Cabaret

* THE FALLOUT SHELTER-The Aggression of David Banner, Hexadecimal, The Dead Unknown, Onestepback, Brutal Fight, In Harm's Way, Thought Police, Dy Season (4 pm)

Hoppers-Aaron Black Jam featuring Johnny Black

Jazz De Opus-Dan Balmer Trio

John Henry's (Eugene)-Baseboard Heaters; Mountain Con

Kells-Peter Yeates

Laurelthirst-Neil Gilpin's Belmont St. Octet, Freak Mtn Ramblers (6-8pm)

* Lewis & Clark College-Bonnie Garrett, Adam LaMotte, Tim Scott, Kevin Walsh doing Haydn, Kozeluch, Beethoven (3 pm, Agnes Flanegan Chapel)

Medicine Hat-June Cleavage, Quisaday, Bangover

* Ohm-Doves, The Strokes

Old Church-Rebecca Kilgore & Friends (3 pm)

Reed College-Portland Symphonic Choir

Rock Creek Tavern-Erich Schwieterman

Sam Bond's Garage-Irish Jam (4pm); Laura Kemp (8pm)

Schnitzer Concert Hall-Christopher Parkening plays Rodrigo (7:30 pm)

Snake & Weasel-Jeff & Vida

Tillicum Pub-Johnny Martin (6-9 pm)

Twilight Cafe & Bar-Movie Madness

White Eagle Saloon-Gary Ogan's Songwriter's Circle

Woodstock Library-Music Time for Ones and Twos


52nd Ave Sports Bar-Jazz Night

Aladdin Theater-Nelly Furtado

Ash Street-Open Mic

Candlelight Cafe and Bar-Gary Small Band

Cascade Bar & Grill-Bad Spatula

Dante's-Karaoke from Hell

Hoppers Blues Bar-Jimi Bott Band w/ Jim Wallace

Hult Center (Eugene)-String Cheese Incident

Jazz De Opus-Stewart Wylen Trio

Jimmy Mak's-Gumbo Mondays starring Lloyd Jones Band

John Henry's (Eugene)-McKenzie Project; Nimbus

Kells-Peter Yeates

Laurelthirst-Karaoke, Kung Pao Chickens (6-8pm)

Mt Tabor Pub-Reggae Jam

Produce Row Cafe -Ron Steer Jazz Jam

Rock Creek Tavern-Richard Day Reynolds

Roseland-Shaggy, Kardinal Offishall

Sam Bond's Garage (Eugene)-Game Night

Schnitzer Hall-Christopher Parkening plays Rodrigo

Twilight Cafe & Bar-Reggae Night at de'Twilight

White Eagle Saloon-Little Sue & Lynn Conover


52nd Ave Sports Bar-Open Mic Comedy

Aladdin Theater-Zakir Hussain, Mike Marshall, Kai Eckhardt, George Brooks

Arnada Cafe-Jazz Jam with Captain Easy

Ash Street-Switch, Veneer, Evolver

Bitter End-Jeff Byrd

Blue Note-Open Jazz Jam with Pacific Blue Jazz Quartet

Boons Treasury-Open Mic w/JT Meir

Buffalo Gap-Stephanie Schneiderman's Acoustic Trio Mixer

Candlelight Cafe and Bar-Linda Hornbuckle

Cascade Bar & Grill-Lloyd Jones

Hoppers-Girls Night out w/Meagan James, Sonny Hess

Jazz De Opus-Nancy King & Steve Christofferson

Jimmy Mak's-The Mel Brown Sextet

John Henry's (Eugene)-Tim Clark's Soul-tet

Kells-Peter Yeates

Laurelthirst-Sean Nowland's Open Mic, Jackstraw (6-8pm)

Medicine Hat-Devil's Cabaret, Maria Webster

Mt Tabor Pub-Stuck in a Groove, Pangea

Ohm-Dahlia w/ Ben & Ravi

Produce Row Cafe -Bluegrass Jam

Rock Creek Tavern-Terry Robb & Albert Reda

Roseland-Richard Thompson

Sam Bond's Garage (Eugene)-Bluegrass Jam

Snake & Weasel-Gregory PJ Smith, Ezra Holbrook

Tillicum Pub-Norman Sylvester

Tugboat Brewing Company-Canoofle, Jeff & Vida

White Eagle Saloon-Coyote

Wild Duck (Eugene)-North Mississippi Allstars

Wilf's Restaurant & Piano Bar-Jean Pierre


52nd Ave Sports Bar-Steve Coates & Friends

Arnada Cafe-Miguel's Songwriter Night

Ash Street-Ida's Heavy Truckstop, Elbo Finn, Hyperstatic Union

Billy Ray's-"Spooky Mulder" Conspiracy Night (8 pm)

Billy Reed's-Ben Fowler & the Soul Jazz Crew

Bitter End-Bluegrass Jam

Blue Note-Trio Deluxe

Boons Treasury-Blues Jam w/Gary Burford

Candlelight Cafe and Bar-Terry Robb

Cascade Bar & Grill-4th Plane Jaiant

Dante's-A Night with Miss B. Haven, MC Andrew Harris

Fernando's Hideaway-Toshi Onizuka

Hollywood Branch Library-Music is Magic (7 pm)

Hoppers Blues Bar- Robbie Laws Band

Jazz De Opus-Mel Brown

Jimmy Mak's-Rob Scheps B3 Organ Trio

John Henry's (Eugene)-Iron Fist Crew-Dance Hall Raggae

Kells-Peter Yeates

Laurelthirst-Casey Neill; Susannah Weaver & Man Power (6-8pm)

Medicine Hat-Room 101, The Messengers, The Stores

Mt Tabor Pub-Big Orange Splot, St. Teresa's Diesel

Portland Art Museum-Pagan Jug Band

Produce Row Cafe -June Bunton's Open Mic

Rock Creek Tavern-The Reach

Roseland-Corey Harris, Terry Robb

Sam Bond's Garage-Poetry Gong Show w/ Ty Connor

Second Act Lounge-Craig Mayther Duo


* Star E. Rose-Open Mic Night

Tabor Acoustic Room-Brent Floren

Tillicum Pub-Jim Mesi

Twilight Cafe & Bar-Ben Buchman

White Eagle Saloon-Jon Koonce's Greasy Roots Roundup