* * Record Stores * *

360 Vinyl, 214 NW Couch St, 224-3688

Everyday Music, 1931 NE Sandy, 239-7610 (there's one on 13 th and W Burnside, too, but the one on Sandy generally has more used hiphop)

Jackpot Records, 3736 SE Hawthorne, 239-7561

One-Stop Music Inc., 1615 NE Killingsworth, 284-2435

Ozone Records, 1036 W Burnside, 227-1975

Platinum Records, 104 SW 2nd, 222-9166

Second Ave Records, 400 SW 2nd, 222-3783

Starbass Records, 920 W Burnside, 827-7173

* Radio Programs * *

*KBOO 90.7 FM:
The Soundbox w/ Deena Barnwell. Weds 7-9 pm. She calls it "true school," and it's the best hiphop show in town.

The Sound Connection, Funk and hiphop w/ Phil Bethune (Spazz). Sat 10 pm-midnight

Non-Stop hiphop w/ Synaca Hall. Sun midnight-3 am.

Q hiphop and Electronica w/ Q. Sun 3 am-6 am.

*KPSU 1450 AM:
Miracle Mile (about half hiphop), Thurs 7-9 pm

*KRRC/KLC 104.1 FM:
(but you have to be close to the Reed College or Lewis & Clark College campuses since it only broadcasts 10 watts. Also, it closes during the summer and the programming will change September 1. Call 768-7133 for info.)

* * Websites * *

www.daveyd.com-davey d's hiphop corner, complete with news, links to Chuck D's rap station, photo gallery, polls, and amazing links to politics pertinent to hiphop and its fans

www.underamerica.com-Hasn't been updated in awhile, but has Portland info: DJs, MCs, some events

www.belowsurface.com-independent online record store

directproductions.com-local hiphop promoters, bring the good underground shows to PDX

pdxrap.com-in its beginning stages; some Portland info

b-boyz.8m.com; hem.spray.se/sammorling/ moves.html-comprehensive breakdancing sites w/how-to and video diagrams

www.hiphopdirectory.com-do your own searches! News, international hiphop, animation, radio, etc.

www.phatdrumloops.com-your source for... phat drum loops (free!)

360hiphop.com, hiphop-elements.com-good online magazines