Aladdin-Leon Redbone, Baby Gramps, $22.50-25

Alberta St. Pub-Swanky Ceili Band, 7 pm

Ash St.-Joshua James and the Runaway Trains, Susie Blue, the Barnuckles, 9 pm, $6

Berbati's-Recall Seven, Fever Pitch, Western Conference

Biddy McGraw's-Noah Peterson

Bitter End-Skye Pixton, 6 pm, free; Buds Of May, 9 pm, $2

Blackbird-Of Montreal, The Court and Spark, James William Hindle, 10 pm, $8

Blue Monk-Randy Porter Trio

Buffalo Gap-Pat Burtis

Burlingame Acoustic-Mike Danner & Friends, 6 pm, free; DiggaBone, 8 pm, $3-10

Candlelight-Eric Allen

Capitol -Richard Sales & Richard Moore, 7:30 pm

Conan's -The Neins, Straitjacket, Hardly Dangerous

Dante's-Charlie Drown, 9 pm, $5

Duff's Garage-Josh Lightnin'


Jazz De Opus-Dave Fleischener Trio, 8:30 pm, $3

Jimmy Mak's-Mel Brown Quintet, 9 pm, $7

Kennedy School-Ezra Holbrook & Friends

Laurelthirst-James Low, 6 pm; Catfish, $2

Longhorn-Linda Hornbuckle, 9:30 pm

Meow Meow-Cure Tribute Night, $5, All Ages

Mississippi-Bloodhoney, 6:30 pm; Crystin Byrd, 9 pm, $3

Mt Tabor-Vinyl, Public Groovement

Music Millennium NW-The Wayward Trio, 7 pm, free

Ohm-Alter Echo, Rising Sun, Magneto, Kyle T, $4

Rabbit Hole-Open Country Joy, 6 pm; Puddle Town, 9 pm

Red & Black-Growing, Sleetmute, Silentist, Samas Aran, 9 pm, $4, All Ages

Red Sea-The Reparations, Blessed Love, DJ Chill, 9 pm, $5

Roc's Bar & Grill-Phase III

Roseland-Soulfly, E. Town Concrete, Sworn Enemy, $19-24

Tillicum -Lloyd Jones, 9:30 pm

Tonic-Magic Red Panties, Ding Mao, Cowtrippers

Vine Leaves-Tom Grant

White Eagle-Blood Oranges, Hells Holiday, Travolta, $4


1914-Please Step Out Of The Vehicle, Switchblade Armadillo, 7 pm, free

5815 NE 11th-Robots In Disguise, Veronica Lipgloss, 7 pm

Aladdin-Jude, Jacob Van Auken, $12-14

Alberta St. Pub-Tumbleweeds, 6:30 pm

Arnada-Human 3, Ding Mao, Dropt

Ash St.-Assisted Living, Point Defiance, Head Of Lies, $7

Biddy McGraw's-Cornbread

Bitter End-Alexis Harte, 6 pm; Hot Club Sandwich, 9 pm

Blackbird-Versus, Jason Lowenstein, +/-, 10 pm, $10

Blue Monk-Renato Caranto

Buffalo Gap-Stephen Ashbrook, 9 pm

Burlingame Acoustic-The Billy Kennedy Show, 6 pm; Foghorn Stringband, Little Joe, 8:30 pm, $6, All Ages

Candlelight-Andre & The Infusion

Cañita-Alfredo Muro Ensemble, 10 pm

Capitol -Tim Cox, Rhonda Piasecko, Monica Caravia, 7:30 pm

Community Music Center-Gianni Gebbia, Matthew Goodheart & Garth Powell, 8 pm, $15, All Ages

Conan's -Pissing Razors, 40 Grit, Society 1, The Fellow Betrayed

Corner-Melody Butchers

Crystal -Steve Kimock Band


Delta-The Georgies

Disjecta-Crack City Rockers, Ma Ford, The Mouse That Roared, DJs The Incredible Kid & Anjali, Pleasure Holiday, Sons and Lovers, 8 pm, $5

Duff's Garage-Steve Spaulding Outfit

DV8-The Jimmies, I Know Kung Fu, Jackmove, $5

Gemini -The Strangetones

Gotham-Corrina Repp + Adam Selzer, 8:30 pm, $3

Green Room-Scott Fisher w/Geoff Byrd

Hoppers-Aaron Black Band

Jazz De Opus-The Jimmy Bennington Midnight Choir, 9 pm, $3

Jimmy Mak's-Dave Friesen

Laurelthirst-Prairie Dogs, 6 pm; Jim Boyer, $3

Longhorn-Linda Hornbuckle

Medicine Hat-EduPoetic Entertainment, Reparations, $5

Meow Meow-Tuesday Cloud, 36 Drive, Photo Finish, Three Times Over, The Guests, $5, All Ages

Mississippi-Kid's Show, 5 pm; Fools Of Paradise, 8 pm

Mock Crest-Jeffy B., Scotty P. & Richie V., 9 pm

Mt Tabor-Ieyelid Up Shifft

Nocturnal-The Jolenes, The Del Toros, Kickstarts, Peter Pants, Trebuchet, The Black Peppercorns, $10, All Ages

Ohm-Life After Liftoff, QuiVah, Grooveyard, 9 pm, $8

Oregon Convention Center-Pink Martini, Cherry Poppin' Daddies, Quarterflash, Blues Allstars, more

Paris -Enter The Race, Kaddisfly, Quarter Spent, Nester, Bent Kactis, All Ages

Porky's-Jackass Willie, free

PPAA-The Gaels, 9 pm, $10

Produce Row -Poison Oakies, 9 pm, $3

Rabbit Hole-John Twist, Dorian Crush, Burn Tree, 11 pm

River Roadhouse-Flashback

Roc's Bar & Grill-Gudgen, The Cruel, Wake

Rogue-Lloyd Jones, 9 pm

Roseland-Mötorhead, Dwarves, High On Fire, 8 pm, $20

Sapphire -Miss Mezzo

Satyricon-The Jimmies

Tillicum -Richard Day Reynolds, 9:30 pm

Tonic-Palatine Hill, Radio Nationals, Dry County Crooks

Twilight-Bettie Ford, The Before Picture, Miss Teen Idaho

White Eagle-Lea Krueger Band, Nine Volt Mile, $6


Alberta St. Pub-Kate Power & Steve Einhorn, 8 pm, $10

Arnada-Waylaid, Ego Machine

Ash St.-Oliver, Deflower, Wow & Flutter, Devil's Cabaret, $6

Beulahland-Drats!!!, Digital Knife, free

Biddy McGraw's-Dylan Vance (Power House Revival)

Billy Ray's-The Branches, 10 pm

Bitter End-Jesus Presley, 9 pm, $8

Blackbird-Gravy Train!!!, Hundreds of Dismembered Handbags, Half Seas Over, DJ Steezy Nix, 10 pm, $6

Blue Monk-David Friesen

Burlingame Acoustic-Nicole Campbell w/Matt The Electrician, Sam Shaber, Brenda Dickey, 8 pm, $6

Candlelight-Bill Rhoades

Cañita-David Valdez Y Tinctura w/Nancy King, 10 pm

Capitol -The Roberto Gonzalas Trio, 8 pm, $5

Charlie White-Dan Crothers, 6 pm

Conan's - Jackstraw, Freak Mountain Ramblers, $10

Corner-Melody Butchers

Da Vinci School-Lions Of Batucada, 3 Leg Torso, KnEcHT, RuPrEcHT, Anne Weiss, Good Gaia, more

Dante's-Jesse Malin, Willy Vlautin, 10 pm, $9

Delta-Government Issue Orchestra, 10 pm

Disjecta-Captain Vs. Crew, All Ages

Duff's Garage-Shorty & The Mustangs

DV8-The Volumes, Dry County Crooks, Captain Rock, $4

Gemini -Paul DeLay

Goodfoot-Psychedelic Breakfast

Green Room- The Stilltenders, Cornbread

Jackpot Records-Goldcard, 5 pm, free, All Ages

Jazz De Opus-Mia Nicholson, 9 pm, $5

Jimmy Mak's-Thara Memory's Superband, $7

Laurelthirst-Old Joe Clarks, 6 pm; John Henry, $3

Longhorn-Kid Lopez Band

Meow Meow-Cursive, Appleseed Cast, Putrecine, $9

Mississippi-Ninju Mbira, 4 pm; Circle Dance, 7 pm; Flying Bokhara Orkestrah, 9:30 pm

Mock Crest-Donna Jose, 9 pm

Murray's Pizza-The Neins, Tina, 4 pm, All Ages

Music Millennium NW-Jesse Malin, 3:30; Diggabone, 5 pm

Nocturnal-Sheila Nicholls, Emily Wells, Kid Quiz, Marca Cassity, Siren's Echo, more

Paris -4:19 Got A Minute, Abrasion, Chapters End, The Fellow Betrayed, Bag Of Shout, All Ages

Porky's-Wreck Election, free

Produce Row -Gothic Outhouse, 9 pm, $3

Rabbit Hole-Dan Mills, 6 pm; Tyler, Allen, 8 pm; She Said Yes, 9:30 pm; Trashcan Joe, 11 pm

Roc's Bar & Grill-Hammer Head Rose

Rogue-Diana and the Songdogs, 9 pm

Satyricon-The Planet The, Experimental Dental School, The Formless, Corpse Fucks Corpse

Tillicum -Richard Day Reynolds, 9:30 pm

Tonic-Ross & The Hellpets, Jodi Hates The World, Estereo, Welsh Rabbit

Tube-Radio Radio w/My Regrets

Twilight-Dirty Harriet, Hussy, Juniors Gang, The Dirty Lowdowns

Vine Leaves-Michelle Farrell

White Eagle-Mr. Rosewater, $6

Woodshed-Pharrah Phosphate


Alberta St. Pub- Flat Mt. Girls, Myshkin, Pirate Jane, Tamara J. Brown, 7 pm, $5-1,000,000 (sliding scale)

Ash St.-Thorn City: Madjesdiq, Sirens Echo, La Paz, $6

Billy Ray's-Anna & Crash, free

Bitter End-Griffin & Nicholson, 5:30 pm; Bloodhoney, 8:30 pm

Blackbird-Gingang, Solo Dos En Tijuana, Djin Teeth Fangs

Burlingame Acoustic-The Bingo Pajamas, 7 pm, $3

Candlelight-Andy Stokes

Dante's-Amelia, 9 pm, $3

DV8- The Riffs

Goodfoot-Kooken and Hoomen, DJ Joel, 8 pm, $7

Hoppers-Aaron Black Band, 9 pm

Jazz De Opus-Dan Balmer Trio, 8:30 pm, $5

Mississippi-Good Gias, 7 pm

Mock Crest-Joshua Williams, 7 pm

O'Conners-The Tone Sharks, 5 pm, $3

Rabbit Hole-Bloodhoney, 6 pm; Senceless Intact, 8 pm

Roc's Bar & Grill-Demented Minds

Satyricon-The Fascination, Sciflyer, The Lawn

Longhorn-The Kid Lopez Band w/J.R. Sims , 8 pm

Tillicum -Johnny Martin, 6 pm


Aladdin-Polyphonic Spree, Patrick Park, 7 pm, $12.50

Biddy McGraw's-Alexander Green

Bitter End-Dave Stoops, Randall Payton, Phil & Mark, Dennis & Craig, 8:30 pm, free

Blackbird-The Amies, Penticost Hotel, Thong, Moonpony, Glacier Park, 10 pm, $5

Borders-Gresham-Douglas Watson, 7 pm, free

Burlingame Acoustic-Enion Pelta, David Tiller & Tye North, 6 pm, free;

Candlelight-DK Stewart

Dante's-The Kills, Exploding Hearts, The Formless, $8

Jazz De Opus-The Jonas Tauber Attempt, 8:30 pm, $3

Laurelthirst-Kung Pao Chickens, 7 pm, free

Mock Crest-Aric Riley, 7 pm

Nocturnal -Boy Sets Fire, Hope Conspiracy, Vaux, Thirty3

Ohm-Down Comfort Lounge w/Easy Tiger, $3

Rogue-The Rogue Bluegrass Band , 9 pm

Roseland-Sum 41, No Use For A Name, The Starting line, Authority Zero, 7 pm, $20, All Ages

Satyricon-Replicator, Wet Confetti, The Motive

Longhorn-The Kid Lopez Band, 8 pm

White Eagle-Little Sue & Lynn Conover


Aladdin-The Thorns, $1.02 (sold out)

Ash St.-Thorn City Improv: DJ Marquez, Mic Crenshaw, Anaxaqorous, Smoke, Destro, Dos, $5

Bitter End-Pants On Fire, 8:30 pm, free

Borders-Downtown-Supersuckers, 7 pm, free, All Ages

Buffalo Gap-Brian Copeland, 8 pm

Burlingame Acoustic-Spigot, 6 pm, free; Perfect Strangers

Candlelight-Linda Hornbuckle

Green Room-Stephen Ashbrook, 9:30 pm

Laurelthirst-Jackstraw, 6 pm; Open Mic/Screen, free

Mock Crest-Johnnie Ward, 7 pm

Mt Tabor-Po Boy Productions

Ohm-Dahlia, Ben & Ravi, $5

Rogue-Harrison, 9 pm

Satyricon-Veronica Lipgloss and The Evil Eyes

Tillicum -Norman Sylvester, 9:30 pm



Ash St.-North Atlantic

Berbati's Pan-Electric Eye, Lopez, The Peels

Biddy McGraw's- Eliza Bob

Billy Ray's-Juana Camilleii, Bob Shoemaker, free

Bitter End-Kathy Walker Trio, 6 pm, free; Silky, 9 pm

Blackbird-The Minders, Bloodthirsty Lovers, Earlimart, Finesse, 10 pm, $8

Blue Monk-Jimmy Bennington Midnight Choir

Burlingame Acoustic-Greg Clark & Friends, 6 pm, free

Capitol -Lorna Miller, 7 pm

Conan's -Suzie Blue, Mother Chump, Noir City, Laurel Brauns

Dante's-Storm & The Balls, The Voodoo Organist, 8 pm, $5

Duff's Garage-Suburban Slim Jam

Goodfoot-Surrounded by Ninjas, DJ Grasshopper

Green Room-Ezra Holbrook & Friends

Hoppers-Robbie Laws Band

Jimmy Mak's-Mel Brown Quartet, 7:30 pm, $5

Laurelthirst-Little Sue, 6 pm; Tree Root, Mark Lemhouse

Medicine Hat-The Drum: salsa in the hood, $5

Mississippi-Opaque Ruminations, 7 pm

Rabbit Hole-Back Pourch Demi John, 6 pm; Heavy Petting Zoo, 8 pm; Trashcan Joe, 10 pm

Roc's Bar & Grill-Human Beatbox Battle

Roseland-Cat Power, Entrance, 8 pm, $15

Satyricon-Party Of Helicopters, Other Men My Age, The Beatings, Lion Fever

Tillicum -Jim Mesi Band, 9:30 pm

White Eagle-Lea Krueger Band, $3