Triple Threat DJs Sat April 19


Whether you're a DJ, turntablist, or pure hiphop head, the Triple Threat DJ collective will put on a show worthy of your attention. The Triple crew consists of Shortkut, Apollo (both of whom were members of the world-renowned Invisibl Skratch Piklz), and Vinroc. Before hooking up together, these three were racking up DMC and ITF turntablist titles and garnering international respect by exploring every avenue imaginable on a turntable and mixer--mobile DJing, battling, scratching, mixing, beat juggling, creating live turntable compositions, and producing. The trio and their immediate associates have pretty much defined the standard and evolution of modern DJing, elevating themselves to "DJ Royalty," as Rob Runett from the Washington Times frankly put it.

The Triple Threat members have credentials that run as deep as their record crates; Apollo helped pioneer the "band DJing" style along with Beastie Boys' DJ Mix Master Mike in the late '80s, utilizing multiple turntables live to build sounds in the same way a conventional band utilizes different instruments. He also DJed alongside Branford Marsalis in the jazz-fusion band Buckshot LaFonque. Shortkut collaborated with Cut Chemist on the classic hiphop album Live at the Future Primitive Sound Session and used his reputation as one of the world's best scratch percussionists to work with Vestax to create the most popular DJ battle mixers in the industry. Vinroc made his name by winning back-to-back ITF World Championships in 1997 and 1998 and has since worked with and played alongside such artists as Grandmaster Flash, X-ecutioners, Jungle Brothers, and Pete Rock. If people want to battle this team, they better have a few tricks up their sleeve that these guys didn't already invent.

Triple Threat live up to the title of their newest album, Many Styles (Fat Beat). They manage to balance good turntable techniques, solid head-nodding beats, and sampling, while enlisting world-class MCs like Mystic, Main Flow, Talib Kweli, Souls of Mischief, and Rob Swift and Roc Raida of the X-ecutioners, to name a few. On "The Cipha" with Swift and Raida, Triple Threat create a track that sounds as if it came off a mix tape made in '84, cutting up classic hiphop samples, beats, and vocals; on "On and On," Mystic holds it down with her buttery smooth flow. In between the vocal tracks, the album delves into solid instrumentals with a couple hilarious skits that explore the ridiculousness of hassling a DJ with requests.

With the chance to check out three world-class DJs under one roof, I'd say this show is quite a bargain!