DJ Tan't


DJ Tan't spins everything from intellectual hip/trip-hop to electro/IDM every Monday from 8-10 pm on KPRA 96.7 FM; every Tuesday night at the Aalto lounge; and every other Wednesday at the Delta Cafe. C

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Top five tracks?

1. Offwhyte, "Get A Hold"

2. Alias, "Eyes Closed"

3. Four Tet, "Unspoken"

4. Prefuse 73, "The End of Biters--International"

5. Amon Tobin "Verbal"

What's the strangest thing that's happened to you while DJing?

One time at a house show, these improv dancers started doing handstands and stripping while humming dissonant sounds to my Boards of Canada remix. I looked over and one of the dancers sprawled on the floor and cried out "Safe in his silence, our songs are at play," and lit herself on fire and I was all like, "Whoa."

What kind of vibe do you shoot for?

It all depends what kind of mood I'm in. If I'm horny: a sexual vibe. If I'm chill: a sexual vibe. If I'm aggro: a spacey, stoney vibe with an intellectual twist. I aim for a positive, laidback mood with an open-minded audience.

What makes a good DJ great?

Not having ADD. Being able to jam with any record and manipulate the music in ways so it sound like it's supposed to be part of that song. Also, keeping the flow of a set... not necessarily beat matching, but breaking it up into different attitudes and stages, like chapters in a book. Scratching the hell out of a piece of wax doesn't hurt either.

Advice to up-and-coming DJs of the world?

Respect your mama, cut your nails, leave the toilet seat down when there are females in the house, eat your cereal because it's part of this nutritious diet, and stay in school, awright? NICOLE WARREN