DJ Rob Uptight

DJ Rob Uptight mixes disco breaks with classic hiphop and electro beats.

Top five: go!

Patrice Rushen

Bernard Wright--"Master Rocker"

Ronnie Hudson--"West Coast Poplock"

Talking Heads--"Slippery People"

Any Cloud 1

What have you been doing?

I did a night, Disco Breakin', put together by [super b-boy] Huy Pham at Nocturnal, but I didn't promote it very well. Huy promoted on his end and got a lot of b-boys to come out, but other than that, we didn't get that many people in. I think he was a little disappointed that it didn't go off as well as it could have. I'm still working with disco breaks and old school hiphop, though, I'm definitely into doing something more.

How did you get exposed to disco? What was your first cut?

You'd think I would remember something like that. It probably had something to do with old school hiphop, but more likely some painfully obvious cut I can't remember. When I'm getting into a genre, I just buy whatever comps are out there and take my internet research from there.

Do you think the way the internet has made it easier for people to come up is a positive thing?

If I was in the game for 14 years, and I heard my set, I'd think it was wack. I think that's just from a tendency people have to feel like they own the music, but in the end nobody does but the songwriters.

So, do you let people look at your records when you're DJing?

If someone is flipping through my records when I'm not up there, I won't stand for that. On the other hand, if someone comes up and asks me what record I'm playing, and I can tell they're into it, I'll tell them what it is and where they can get it. If I know they're another DJ or something like that, I won't tell them anything.

Being someone who's into early electro, what's your take on the revival and "electroclash"?

My problem with "electroclash" is that it's all ironic. I mean kids posing like this [strikes a pose like someone stricken with an insufferable malady, and a face like that of an aloof zombie] and all about fashion. I mean if anyone in Chicks on Speed actually likes electro, I wouldn't know it by listening to them. CHAZZ MADRIGAL