It's now a noun, a verb, and a general way of trying to forcefully add importance to the internet, which to be honest, is good for little more than pornography and email. But amidst all that, there is the music blog, which if anything, shows the raw talent of music writers in a free format system, free from the editor's red pen, word count, or even the goal of staying on topic. There's a lot out there, so here's a quick guide to a small selection of the best of the best:

Tinyluckygenius ( Penned by bassist/publicist/critic Jessica Hopper, Tinyluckygenius is probably the sole reason I boot my computer up on a daily basis. Absolutely amazing freeform writing that focuses on a much broader picture and addresses such quagmired issues likes sexism in hiphop with writing like: "White critical America, in large, is afraid to put real critical examination to hiphop and (some) R&B because they are afraid of appearing racist, of looking like an uptight white dude who does not get it, thusly losing valuable cache (culturally and professionally)."

Are You Wearing A Wire? ( Are You Wearing A Wire? is collective blogging from coulda-been-famous-but-never-were emo band Hey Mercedes. Similar to loose-knit journal entries, the band waxes on their final days as a band, and the painstaking monotony of being off tour and bored out of your skull. Plus you get to check out singer Bob Nanna's still on-going project in which he staggeringly pledges to acoustically cover and host his favorite 100 songs.

Nervous Acid ( Quite possibly the man who has worn the most hats in independent music, Norm Arenas is/was a famed zine writer (Anti-Matter, Punk Planet), straight-edge Krishna guitarist (Shelter) and emo guitarist (Texas Is The Reason) and about a billion more things of interest. All of which might explain why he's so busy and just recently stopped doing his fantastic Nervous Acid blog. Read the archives of this true music blog, complete with great MP3 samples, and writing that is more educated fan than boring critic.

Confessions ( If it isn't the awkward cries for help from the shiny-domed singer of that one band we all used to love. Corgan's slow slide into Post-Alternative Rock Singer Depression (PARSD), falls somewhere between the legit crazy (Courtney Love) and the boring crazy (Chris Cornell). But hey, who can argue with posts that begin with "The first time I ever witness nakedness on a woman is…"