I love to trash-talk Canada as much as the next red-blooded, brash, violently stupid Yank, but they got us beat far as healthcare goes. Last week, local musician Jake Anderson (Yuma Nora, Gang Wizard, Wankatorium, Yak Brigade) was hospitalized for what his Yuma Nora band-mate Amy Vecchione called "serious issues of the gut." Without health insurance, our boy's pretty much EFFED, so Vecchione is rallying support to help pay his medical bills. A PayPal site is set up at tapemountain.com's "Contact Us" section. Anderson has always made his records available for free online; return the favor. Go be goodhearted.

Show news: On March 30, Jana Hunter will be playing Towne Lounge with San Diegan psyche rockers Silver Sunshine. Jana has a record out on Devendra Banhart's label and a voice that soars like a jet plane and sounds like lost Patsy Cline demos. This Tuesday the Towne hosts another great one, Marianne Dissard and Naim Amor (both from Tucson by way of France) who recently cut dreamy, ghostly Franco-Americana (Serge Gainsbourg meets Handsome Family, maybe?) records produced by Calexico's Joey Burns. Local Kaitlyn ni Donovan opens.

Failing Records' third A Compilation of Portland Music is out now, but label boss Hank Failing is already scouting bands for the series' fourth installment. Says Hank, "I really want to find new bands that aren't even out in the scene versus established acts. Everyone knows about the established acts, but if you find a band you like off the comp, check 'em out on MySpace and see that they have a house party in Hillsboro, and you go and it totally kicks ass, that's pretty fucking cool!" Failing's CD release party is Saturday at Berbati's.

Rumor department: Word on the street is Portland commuter Johnny Marr (the Smiths) has been playing small unannounced shows around town in between studio sessions with Modest Mouse. Sounds like wishful thinking, but it wouldn't be all that surprising. It's not like anybody bought that Johnny Marr + the Healers record anyway. Pitchforkmedia.com gave it a 3.7 out of 10. I gave it to my 40-year-old uncle who thinks the Goo Goo Dolls are "rock's most important band." Johnny, if you're reading this: Smiths reunion. You'd totally upstage the Pixies and you know it. DO IT.

Do it: adam@portlandmercury.com