When not pogo-ing about the stage and singing for the Kingdom, Chuck Westmoreland is an avid sports handicapper and gambler. From Vegas to Atlantic City, Westmoreland is known for his fearless betting skills and keen ability to predict the results of NFL football games. He even multi-tasks while the Kingdom is on tour, often having the band's booking agent route the group through various Indian gaming casinos.

Since the NFL season is in full swing, we are proud to give Westmoreland a forum to post his Week Three Picks, including his Super Total 100-Percent Guarantee Lock™, a pick that is so guaranteed to be accurate, it's practically free money in your pocket.

Of course, gambling is illegal (much like taking gambling advice from an indierocker should be), so Westmoreland's advice is for entertainment purposes only. We'll publish the results of his picks next week, that way you can heckle him onstage for taking the Saints over the Falcons.

Week Three NFL Picks (winning teams in bold)

Buffalo vs. NY Jets

Pittsburgh vs. Cincinnati

Indianapolis vs. Jacksonville

Miami vs. Tennessee

Washington vs. Houston

Chicago vs. Minnesota

Carolina vs. Tampa Bay

Detroit vs. Green Bay

Baltimore vs. Cleveland

Arizona vs. St. Louis

Seattle vs. NY Giants

Philadelphia vs. San Francisco*

New England vs. Denver

Atlanta vs. New Orleans

* Super Total 100-Percent Guarantee Lock™

Westmoreland comments on his Super Total 100-Percent Guarantee Lock™: "I'm pretty sure that I could beat up [SF Quarterback] Alex Smith, but the last time [Philadelphia Quarterback] Donovan McNabb and I got into a fight he kicked my ass all over the place. I would fuck Alex Smith though, he's pretty cute. Philadelphia will win."

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