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The Group Therapy of Jail Weddings

JAIL WEDDINGS Three ingredients for a jail divorce: suspenders, a mustache, and a Ghostbusters t-shirt.


OK, I am officially lost on this "10 people in a band that still sound like a 3-4 piece band" fad. Someone please explain. You kids get off my lawn.
Oooh, definitely very scary looking. They look like they could seriously fuck you up..... if you are like 6.
They kinda resemble the Tobias Is Queen Mary street gang.
It's like a hipster version of the Warriors; if the Warriors were all a bunch of nebbish losers.
Just when I thought I knew the biggest hipster band..........jesus the fucking cliches
Jesus christ another fucking hipster band with all of the fucking cliches great......I need to move to the east coast to see some more deer tick shows this shit makes me sick
Saw the photo, read the article, and my icky-hipster-o-meter redlined. It's time to move to a double-wide in east Vancouver, buy some chaw, and start some serious drinking. (Did appreciate the call out to "thieves, sluts, ego-maniacs, juiceheads, faggots, Tiny Elvis, Fleetwood Mac and stuck-up bitches," however. Right back atcha.)
The guy on the far left with the shades has my vote for dumbest pose.
alright, i know these people personally so say there's a bias if you like. but there's nothing cliche and ESPECIALLY nothing "hipster" (<--lazy assessment) about any member of this band. these people live their lives truly, boldly and with an appreciation for their experiences that does not need to be silenced. way more cliche is the discomfort with which people will attack anything that dares to say, "yeah, i am the embodiment of this archetype, and i LOVE it." if youre not into the style of music, then whatever, you seem to have no stake in the matter. but if you havent even heard it, i recommend you listen to the music, and really listen, before casting judgment that will cut you off from a truly authentic experience. it's a miracle when people are able to live the life that inspires them, and i'm sure you would want the same freedom for yourself.
I like how the singer sent an email after the interview cos he was "self conscious about he described the band's bad reputation." Glad he clarified what losers they really are
Really? Accusing bands in the Mercury of being "hipsters"? Its like watching CMT & wondering why there's so many hicks...By the way, which bands do you all play in? I'd like to check out what you contribute that makes you so able to judge this groups music. (from a photo yet!)
13 band is better....
yes, seen the band many many times, with the lines of growing fans standing around the blocks in LA and Long Beach (no, i dont follow them up the coastal tours or into the Southwest as a groupie). What i like best is the inventive lyrics, the cool friendly attitudes of all in the band, and the fact that most of them have been together (like the Fleetwood Mac) from years on. I have mingled with them enough to know that they dont celebrate themselves, but adore other inventive bands and creativity. However, if this web site caters more to an elementary school age bunch of music appreciaters, i can totally see why they would dwell on founding their opinions without hearing or visiting a show. that's cool. Rave on, kids! This band is definitely not for you. serious interested persons only need apply. Go for it!
Some of you folks obviously don't have ears or just aren't perceptive. Jail Weddings, in fact, sound like 10 people, not 3-4. (A violin, a sax, guitars, bass , drums, keys, a vary of different style singers.) Furthermore, no fad or cheesy shtick of any sort. The music and style are completely Gabe Hart's own. I have watched his career since 1990's (when my older sister would play his music on a demo tape) and it's plain to see he was one of the first musicians to have a big band that wasn't doing straight copy work of a specific genre. (He was in an 11 piece metal band in the early 90's) This is some innovative work and it's a shame that some people, like you, are so afraid of something new! That's weak.

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