This proves how easy and stupid it is to play in a band but does not prove that writing original music is so simple.

Happens all the time in N. Korea and China.

My bullshit detector is on high alert warning me that these phony kids are not drinking or on illegal drugs except for the mini girl guitarist who appears to be shitfaced wasted.

Mini Kiss IS terrible.

It should take years to collect all of that gear.

Pffff....whatever. Wake me up when they play Dyers' Eve.
Ned, have you heard the Langley Schools Music Project?
About kids playing and ripping out their instruments, I liked the movie/doc about some school of girls, which the staff apart from givin help and giving insight on how to play their instruments following their true nature, not just copy carboning other players, helped them to destroy idiots cliches about "girls" or woman playing hard rock or music at all.

I dont remember the title of the movie/documentary... There was a girl there who was always jumping and screaming and rolling in the floor who just rocked like a maniac and who I thought and still think she is awesome. In all the spectrum of rock n roll. At the time she was like 7 or so.
There was a band in Pennsylvania 7 or 8 years ago called the Mini Band. It consisted of adults playing child-sized instruments. These kids are not original.

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