If you haven't had a chance to catch a live set from Lost Lander, it's very likely that "Cold Feet" is the only thing you've heard so far from songwriter Matt Sheehy and producer Brent Knopf. The song made it on to PDX Pop Now!'s 2011 compilation and it's the lone track streaming on the group's Bandcamp site. And now they've released a mesmerizing video to accompany "Cold Feet." Director Jonnie Ross shot an evening of television on his iPhone and edited the footage together into a commentary on media overstimulation. As the frames frantically pass by—from beer ads to TV movies to old sitcoms—the video does an excellent job of making you feel self-conscious about all the absurd crap you've watched on TV. Sheehy's sweet pop song humming along to the fleeting images helps to create an uneasy feeling that maybe you really should have turned it all off years ago. (Though it's also fun trying to recognize and name the video's references)

"Cold Feet" will be the opening track of Lost Lander's debut full-length DRRT. The album comes out on January 24.

End Hits: At the 0:23 mark, Number 5 alive!