Last Friday, Adventures! With Might premiered the video for "Real Portland" at their Backspace show. From our Up and Comings:
The handsome black-and-white clip has both the nightmarish quality and the silly sense of fun of a vintage horror flick. Shot on a Canon 7D camera, the video tells the story of a mad scientist who brings a Bride-of-Frankenstein-like character to life. According to the band, "It took about two months, $75, and a lot of will power and gumption to make. It looks pretty good." It does indeed, doing justice to a song that was a highlight of the band's self-titled debut.
Now here's the chance to get your own look at the clip, which was directed by Jessica Boudreaux of Pocketknife and Your Canvas. That's A!WM's Marc Swart as Dr. Swartenstein and A!WM's Isaac Medina as his assistant Ingor, plus Arianna Gast as the she-monster.

End Hits: It's alive!