And we're back! It's day three of the most important voting experience of your life: "BEST X-MAS/HOLIDAY SONG EVARRRRRR!!!" And today is my personal fave of holiday song genres: The Best Animated Special Song (or "Creepy Wooden Puppet Music," such as those featured in those awesome Rankin/Bass specials or holiday cartoonies of yore).

So to quickly catch you up: FOUR CATEGORIES! Secular (vote here!), Traditional/Jesus-y (vote here!), Animated (vote below!), and Commenter's Choice (vote tomorrow!). The top two from each list will face off on Friday in one big mega poll, and HO! HO! HO! We'll have chosen the "BEST X-MAS/HOLIDAY SONG EVARRRRRR!!!" (which of course no one will be satisfied with, because that's the nature of the internet).

Okay, on to today's ANIMATED category! (And remember, put your favorite song in the comments from any genre, and it may be chosen for tomorrow's Commenter's Choice!) THREE IMPORTANT THINGS TO NOTE:

1) I included the "Linus & Lucy Theme" below, because even though it's not strictly an Xmas/Holiday song, it did premiere in A Charlie Brown Christmas, and if I didn't include it, you'd shit your pants. I think "Christmastime is Here" (from the same special) is far superior, but whatever. I don't care anymore.
2) You should vote for "Jingle Jingle Jingle." Watch it here. It's the best fucking song that's ever been written by anyone.
3) Can't remember some of the songs? I posted each with a musical link to jog your memory after the jump!



Rudolph, The Red Nosed Reindeer
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
Frosty the Snowman
Little Drummer Boy
You’re a Mean One Mister Grinch
Linus & Lucy Theme
Holly Jolly Christmas
Put One Foot In Front of the Other
Heat Miser
Jingle Jingle Jingle