Another week, another Mercury music section to ignore while everybody talks about that very famous celebrity who set Twitter on FIRE last night. Wait, aren't we talking about Wayne Brady? Who are you talking about?

Portland's Blouse is a young band, but they've already garnered plenty of attention with a single on Sub Pop and a full-length on Captured Tracks. Now they're setting off on their first European tour, translating their recordings to the live stage. (Is there a Rosetta Stone for that?)

Blouse - "Time Travel"

And we sadly, tearfully say goodbye to the Woods, the Sellwood venue that was more of a clubhouse than rock club. The Woods' newly opened side bar in the adjoining crematorium will reportedly remain open for the time being, but no more shows in what was Portland's coziest, most welcoming venue. Bawl.

Plus a veritable cornucopia of Up and Coming shows. Veritable, I say!