That's the growly new 2012 artwork for PDX Pop Now!, the all-ages, all-free music festival that takes place each July. (We only explain this in case you just moved to Portland, like, today.) The bears were done by artist Cole Gerst, and you can expect them to appear on PDX Pop's website and posters and logos...

...aaand of course their 2012 compilation, which just opened submissions on January 1. Right now through February 26, any and all Portland bands can submit a new track to be considered for inclusion on the two-disc comp, which will come out later this year. The information for submitting your track is here, and you can also sign up to be on the compilation listening committee, an exhaustively dedicated group that listens to every single track submitted. These folks are heroes of the Portland music scene, and also help make the compilation as excellent as it is each year, turning it into a veritable "Best of Portland" annual greatest hits album.

Speaking of "Best of Portland," some more PDX Pop news! School of Rock is performing a PDX Pop benefit show on Friday, January 13 at the Crystal Ballroom. It's called "Best of Portland" and a ton guests from a slew of local bands will be sitting in with the School of Rock youngsters, for a one-of-a-kind show—including members of Red Fang, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Portland Cello Project, The Thermals, Danava, Nether Regions, Menomena, Laura Veirs, Typhoon, Ancient Heat, Radiation City, and Blitzen Trapper. Wowza.

And get used to those bears. We'll be (gladly) looking at 'em all year long.