The 2012 Bender is swiftly approaching. You're gonna want to block out the weekend of February 3-5 for Slabtown's annual garage rock blackout.

The lineup has been announced, and includes Wreckless Eric, the Stiff Records legend ("Whole Wide World") who'll be backed by Seattle's Tripwires for this set. We've got the full lineup for you here, and it includes tons of Portland bands, plus a bunch from Seattle and Oakland. Fortmer slabtown bartender Courtney Crusher did the booking for the first time this year, out of her new home in Oakland, so the Oakland-centric booking makes a good amount of sense. (She supposedly booked the whole thing without a computer, too.)

Click the jump to see the whole lineup!


Slabtown, 1033 NE 16th
$25 festival wristbands on sale at Slabtown now.
$10 door cover each night; no pre-sale tix for single night shows. (Matinee shows free!)
Club opens noon for matinees and 5 pm for night shows.

Friday Feb 3

Trashies (Seattle/Oakland)
Top Ten (Bay Area)
Unnatural Helpers (Seattle)
Stan Mcmahon (Salem)
Denizenz (PDX)
Tacocat (Seattle)
Huff Stuff Magazine (Oakland)
Needful Longings (PDX)
Arctic Flowers (PDX)
Billions and Billions (PDX)
MOM (Sacramento)

Saturday Feb 4

Wreckless Eric (from New York, full band & doing Stiff classics)
Head (Seattle)
Chuck Chuck and The Chuckleberries (Oakland)
Guantanamo Baywatch (PDX)
The Tripwires (Seattle)
Courtney n' the Crushers (Oakland)
Primitive Hearts (Oakland)
Polaroids (PDX)
Pityfucks (PDX)
White Fang (PDX)

Saturday Matinee

The Cry (PDX)
Di Di Mau (PDX)
Boom (PDX)
Queued Up (PDX)
Flash Flood (PDX)

Sunday Feb 5

Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds (from ex Gun Club, Cramps, Bad Seeds)
Don't (PDX)
Problems (PDX)
Forever Baby (LA)
Cyclops (PDX/Oakland)
Blood Beach (PDX)
Knifey Spoony (Oakland)
Diskords (PDX)
Chemicals (PDX)
Autistic Youth (PDX)

Sunday Matinee

Bellicose Minds (PDX
Shark Pact (Olympia)
Vaj (PDX)
Memories (PDX)