I've refrained from uttering a word about the notorious Portland Music Awards this year, as we have had plenty to say about it in the past and I figured why beat a dead mule.

But this is just too astonishing. Incredible. Appalling. I am giggling in disbelief, so get ready for a little mule beating.


Here is the award for Album of the Year, Scotland Barr and the Slow Drags' We Will Be Forgotten. Lead singer Scotland Barr passed away last year, and this record was a final testament to his legacy. The terrific, moving album was then desecrated with a Portland Music Awards nomination for "Album of the Year," and it subsequently won at last night's ceremony.

Take a look at the engraving on the award.

I hope the Slow Drags are able to get a laugh over this colossal blunder—and the same goes for Viva Voce, who, coincidentally enough, released an album last year called The Future Will Destroy You.