Menomena's Danny Seim records solo work under the moniker Lackthereof, and today he's released the 11th Lackthereof album for free over on Menomena's site.

But this isn't just any old Lackthereof album. Seim recorded it in a single day, as part of the "Twenty Song Challenge," a game that musicians play in which everyone goes off and writes and records 20 songs in 12 hours. They get together at the end of the day to play each other results. The finest record goes onto win the Grammy for album of the year, and the losers are sacrificed in a bloody, carnal ceremony.

Okay, that last sentence is not true. Actually, it is not a competition at all, and it sounds like everyone else who participated in Seim's challenge also made stunningly great records. Seim, for his part, got through the marathon recording process by "finding lyrical inspiration in cheesy self-help websites, using as many instruments as I had in my little house, and sprinkling in a few shredded samples from a Nick Jaina album (Nick was sort of the one who persuaded me to take The Challenge that day, so i thought i'd give him a little aural shout-out)."

And the results are Lackthereof's next album—and as mentioned, it is available for free download over on Menomena's site. Seim ended up making its 20 short pieces all fit in to part of a larger whole, with the album now playing as a single seamless MP3. That's the album cover up there, a picture of Memomena bandmate Justin Harris holding up a painting Seim made of The Room's Tommy Wiseau. Speaking of Menomena, they are apparently two weeks away from finishing the recording of their next album.