Pictured above is one Robert Ellis, from Houston, Texas. Mercury Music Editor Ned Lannamann, who generally knows what music I'll like and what I'll find repugnant, pointed me in the direction of Ellis when I asked him who I should see at Pickathon this weekend. "Who should I check out at Pickathon who I've never heard of, Ned?" I asked. "Robert Ellis!" Ned said. "I bet you'd like that guy." Good call, Ned! I do. Mostly because Ellis can convey a clear, sharp sort of melancholy, the kind that makes me remember why I like Willie Nelson so much.

Ellis is playing in the Galaxy Barn on Saturday at 2:30 and on the Starlight Stage on Sunday night at 11:30. It is supposed to be like 100 degrees this weekend. I hope he insists on wearing that coat.