Here's a new video from the mind-bogglingly prolific Log Across the Washer, for a new song called "Them Old Stuff by the Well." It's a beautiful-looking video that repeats a single idea for close to four minutes—once you've seen a minute or two, you more or less get the idea—and it's in service of a song that's pretty impressive. Beginning with a point-blank a swirl of sound, including chiming guitars, a spiraling drumbeat, thick bass notes, an arrhythmic tambourine, and a droning harmonium sound, the song slowly asserts itself, growing steadier and calmer as it continues. It's a great track, and the stark video doesn't overshadow it.

"Them Old Stuff by the Well" is part of a forthcoming album from Log Across the Washer, called The Season Opener Against Ohio, four tracks of which are posted on Bandcamp—along with the insane array of LATW's other releases. (There's also the collaboration of LATW's Tyler Keene with his former And And And bandmate Natham Baumgartner, called Sounds from Dancin' in the USA, Volume 1, from earlier this year.) Keene and Log Across the Washer, meanwhile, play Thursday, October 4 at Kelly's Olympian and on Monday, October at Valentine's.