Menomena premiered the first video from their new album, Moms, this morning, and here it is. Perhaps toying with the idea that the band has gone from trio to duo, "Plumage" takes the idea of a one-on-one confrontation to extremes. Fans of legs—Danny Seim's and Justin Harris' legs, specifically—will enjoy the opening shots.

Menomena is no stranger to unconventional or uncomfortable video shoots, often taking the opportunity to make themselves look ridiculous, and "Plumage" is no exception, as Harris and Seim don a series of outlandish getups (Harris' Evel Knievel is probably my favorite). When I talked to Seim on the phone a few weeks back, just after shooting wrapped, he mentioned the numerous costume changes. "Justin and I have basically both been walking around in our underwear here," said Seim. "We just finished this shoot where we're walking down the highway in our underwear, and it's those moments where you think, 'What the fuck am I doing?' We're completely sunburned, just dehydrated. But it's all for the art!"

Menomena plays a hometown show—their first headlining spot since Moms was released last month—at the Crystal Ballroom on Friday, November 2.