They have opposite ways of dealing with baldness.
Was Adam Duritz ever a "superstar"? Didn't they kind of just have one song one time?
They had two massive hits and five consecutive top-10 albums. They were most certainly superstars.
Are you fucking kidding me?! This is a question?! That Billy Corgan cover ought to win a motherfucking Pulitzer. Pue-Lit-Zerrrrrrr, gawdamnit. I mean, if they give ought Pulitzers for pictures. They shouldn't, it's not art. But if they do. It should go to Billy Corgan. Not even the photog, he didn't hold the cats. Definitely a he, a gal would have held the cats.

Anyway, Billy ftw.
I guess I could never see past his horrible horrible dreadlocks.
Billy Corgan's clammy head makes me anxious.
1990-something, Orange County, CA: A friend personally removed and replaced that first guy's dreadlocks weave. She kept one of them in her purse to upset people. It was gross.
That Corgon cover is purrrrrfect click like
The only way the Billy Corgan photo could be more awesome is if he were holding hairless cats.
Despite all my rage I saved these two cuties from a cage.

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