Two dozen albums (plus a ton of life stuff) over 30-plus years. I've listened to it all. He's got some great music. His 1973 classic "A1A" is one of the best albums ever (my personal #1). He's written about his kids, his father's descent into Alzheimer's, the loss of his friend Steve Goodman, the perils of growing older (but not up), and a whole bunch of stuff that isn't about hamburgers or margaritas. The big shows like this are for both the hardcore Parrotheads & the once-a-year fans who come for the fun. I skip them because I've seen Jimmy play on the streets of Key West (1998; wow) and don't need these shows. But I need his music because in the world we live in, we need to be connected to things that matter. And Jimmy's music does that. "I can't help but be part of my own philosophy, not unique just distantly in love".

You don't know what you're missing.

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