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Todd Rundgren Proves He Still Matters

TODD RUNDGREN Driver’s license #4156290183.


Todd Rundgren-I have loved the music and the man since the beginning. Yes, I love the top standbys as much as the rest of his fans, but time has gone by and Todd has matured and grown like us all. He has given us a lifetime of good ,weird sometimes but always entertaining music. He has helped many artists make it to the top and without any credit and unselfishly, too. I have never met him personally but I would just be a silly girl without all of the words to say that are in my heart. I think his new album, Global, is just as relevant today as the love songs of the 70s were. His voice has lowered but not his understanding of life.Thanks,Todd for a lifetime of music!
Dear Writer,

Did you forget to mention that Todd Rundgren has a gig tonight (6/12/15) in Portland or were you just spouting off about someone you know very little about?....
Dear Reader,

Tonight's gig is mentioned in the information box beneath Todd's picture.
For my money, the best albums Rundgren made were with Nazz.
Todd is GOD! What an absolute genius!
Poor Morgan Troper! Or, "Bless Your Heart," as we say in the South. From what academic pool was this writer chosen? The delicious irony of this article is showing a video of one the most important songs and musicians in modern history. I'd like to see a written apology and redress of the article--so your city, of cities can better educate your readers and youth who may not get to experience the joyfull and intelligent music that is Mr. Rundgren. Thank you for offering this comment on your feed. Keller Jones, Savannah, Georgia.
Sorry for the typos! Tiny cellphones are like Tiny Demons*. (Amazing Todd Rundgren song.)
"Global" is an album that makes much more sense after you see the live show. I'm not sure why that is, but it just came together faster for me after I saw it. If the tour comes near you, see it, you won't be disappointed. When I first listened to "Global" I first noticed that the running order was not what I would have chosen. Buy the disc and listen to it on random play; you may find a better mix; either way, but it, you'll like it.
Todd is a great artist. He is a multi-instrumentalist.

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