Ladywolf w/Sick Sad World, Ah God, Turtle Necked and more; Analog Café, 720 SE Hawthorne

In addition to the all-ages punk community this column has dutifully covered over the past two years, Portland is home to a burgeoning DIY garage scene. Nascent label See My Friends, which is on its way to becoming the Portland equivalent of LA's Lolipop Records, released a stellar comp in April that highlights just a few of these terrific and under-discussed bands. A major pacesetter for the scene is Ladywolf, the sometimes-band, sometimes-solo project of singer/songwriter Nik Barnaby. The band has spent the last few years earning its stripes as a devoted and raucous live act, playing pretty much any venue or house that will host them. Ladywolf's new record, Teenager, puts Barnaby's more tender sensibilities on display: Choice cuts "Ghost Tears" and "At the Movies" are infectious and craggy pop songs that revel in their naiveté, à la Nobunny or the sweeter hemisphere of Jay Reatard's catalog. 


All People w/Puppy Breath, Cool American; Anarres Infoshop, 7101 N Lombard

On their self-titled LP, New Orleans-based All People wed mid-'90s emo with gutsy and aggressive post-hardcore reminiscent of Dischord Records heavyweights Jawbox and Fugazi. In less abstruse blogosphere rigmarole: They are very loud and also very tuneful. Also playing is the new Portland project Puppy Breath, whose debut EP, Tired and Bloated, is five tracks of succinct, adorable pop-punk that perfectly befit their name.