Hemingway w/Longclaw, Phantom Family, Chain Planet Damn; American Legion Post 134, 2104 NE Alberta

Tonight Hemingway celebrates the release of their long-awaited sophomore record, You Will Never Be Happy. The new album takes a step away from the pop-punk sound first established on the local emo band’s 2014 debut, Pretend to Care, but Hemingway’s latest displays their collective growth and development. Longclaw, Phantom Family, Chain, and Planet Damn—four of Portland’s most criminally underrated underground indie bands—will come above ground to join Hemingway for the release show at Post 134, one of the few remaining all-ages venues in town. A testament to the bountiful talent in Portland’s independent music community right now, this lineup is guaranteed to satisfy.


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SMART Collective’s Final Shows Friday w/Gary Supply, Ruined It, Simpl3Jack, Morality, Pest Control; Saturday w/Longclaw, Husky Boys, Nick Normal, Flim Flam, Tom Ghoulie, Vanity Project; SMART Collective, 6923 SE Foster

After the untimely closing of Slabtown, Laughing Horse, and countless other all-ages venues in Portland, SMART Collective was the first to give me a shot booking DIY concerts at 16. I hosted a benefit show for the space—the back room of an unsuspecting skate shop in Southeast Portland—as a high school project, and ended up booking long-term. I owe so much to SMART Collective, and credit them for giving me the chance to build a passion for all-ages accessibility. The venue is getting ready to relocate and downsize, which means the future of events at the new location is uncertain. Over the weekend they’ll host two shows featuring 11 local bands—time to wish them well and say goodbye to SMART Collective as we now know it.

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In person at the Clinton St. Theater 10/29 & 10/30