Fleet Foxes w/Natalie Prass
Edgefield, 2126 SW Halsey, Troutdale

Fleet Foxes is one of those boring, run-of-the-mill groups that somehow shoots to fame despite its abhorrent mediocrity. Portland sure does love its radio-ready indie folk, though, so it’s a prime tour stop for the band, who recently released a sprawling new album, Crack-Up. The “folk” descriptor is often associated with simple banjo-driven instrumentals and drawled vocals, but Fleet Foxes is known for their grandiose spin on the genre. That said, Crack-Up takes an intimate approach, resulting in a more rustic sound with jam-band percussion, homey piano, and tambourine—lots of tambourine.

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Manchester Orchestra w/Tigers Jaw, Foxing
Crystal Ballroom, 1332 W Burnside

In a sea of whiny men complaining about their latest breakups, the tenderness of Manchester Orchestra is like a breath of fresh air. Somewhat out of place among their peers, the band’s latest album, A Black Mile to the Surface, showcases their ability to pair honest, vulnerable songwriting with melodies that are sometimes soft and sometimes sweeping. They’ll be joined by Foxing and Tigers Jaw, two groups that belong to a younger musical generation but offer a similar sincerity. While they come from three different corners of the emo spectrum, these bands make more sense together than I’d first realized, as each of them make deeply emotional music.