Nothing compares to the energy of a Global Based party. If you step into the Whiskey Bar the second Saturday of each month, you’ll understand why.

Erick Reyes and local artist Jesus Torralba head the Portland-based collective, with support from a tight-knit crew of producers, DJs, visual artists, photographers, and dancers known as “sucixs” (the gender-neutral phrasing of the Spanish term sucio/sucia). Now entering its third year of hosting parties, Global Based has managed to carve out a high-energy tropical space in a city with relatively low-key nightlife.

“We are a family-run collective, curated by people of color, for people of color and folks from all walks of life,” says Reyes. “We want to create a safe space for our community to express themselves through rhythm and creativity. Recently we’ve decided to give back by donating a portion of our proceeds from every event to local nonprofits and charities. We also plan to inspire younger artists with scholarships, workshops, and more community-based events.”

The Global Based team works tirelessly to keep crowds moving with an explosive blend of moombahton, bubbling, cumbia, dembow, and Latin bass. They’ve hosted global bass notables like Dave Nada and Ma-less while also showcasing homegrown talent, like rapper Karma Rivera and Boardman, Oregon, producer Vargo. In their quest to expand beyond the local stage, they’ve even taken their show on the road, with a recent Mexico City party featuring Mexico-born talents Noizekid and Cepillo Cuevas. As if the party’s music, live art, and vuvuzelas weren’t enough, there’s a free quesadilla and pan dulce bar.

For February’s party, Global Based is bringing globetrotting nightlife veterans Astronomar and Tony Quattro to Portland for a Main Course Records takeover.

“Main Course was initially launched by Neoteric in 2012, and myself and producer Bot joined in 2013,” says Astronomar, who’s based out of LA. In the years since, the label has pumped out nearly 70 releases by a host of producers dedicated to pushing the boundaries of hybrid club music. Among Main Course’s output you’ll hear influences ranging from New York house to Jersey club to Portuguese zouk bass to Brazilian baile funk. “We dig deep and release what we think is cool.... We do our best to unearth some amazing talent from all over the world.” Every release on Main Course Records is free for its first week, keeping things accessible for those with their ear to the ground.

“I’m constantly motivated by my own curiosity and fascination with new and interesting sounds, whether it be through my own production or discovering new music,” Astronomar says of the drive to push the future of dance music culture. “I love finding and creating things that are comprised of ideas I’ve never heard before—that’s the most exciting thing to me. I’ve been messing with turntables for roughly 17 years and making beats on a computer for 15, so it’s been a long journey.”